Profound and Pervasive Misconduct in Mortgage Servicing is not a Secret

I highly recommend reading Federal Reserve Governor Sarah Bloom Raskin’s speech at the Association of American Law Schools Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C. January 7, 2012 

Have a read of this speech from Fed Governor Sarah Bloom Raskin, titled Creating and Implementing an Enforcement Response to the Foreclosure Crisis.

It is not a secret that mortgage servicers have been deceiving and continue to deceive homeowners.  We must then ask, why, the current administration continues to encourage homeowners to work with their mortgage servicer to access “help for homeowner” plans from campaign speeches that they promise but cannot and should not deliver.  Also, in spite of repeated demonstrable experience, homeowners continue to follow the blatantly onerous instructions of mortgage servicer representatives.  Unfortunately, the most vulnerable in our population are mostly the ones to follow this advice and end up in far worse financial positions than when they started.

The best way for homeowners to protect themselves from abuse is to work with their own independent Attorneys and Attorney affiliated specialists.  Effective Technical Group, LLC can start your preliminary analysis and review real options.  Real business solutions are possible for homeowners.   We refer proven Attorneys that can review your situation to determine if you have effective legal defenses and can work to protect your property rights.  Other options, besides legal strategies, consist of effective liquidation and strategically exiting to allow for quick reestablishment of your financial position.  That is what we call a plan to get out from under, which differs from the “help for homeowner” type plans that just continue to keep homeowners in distress and increase their negative equity.

Real business solutions are possible for homeowners.  We’ll show you, and your Attorney if you already have one, how to work only with experienced and knowledgeable professionals for the results that are best for you.

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About Diana Cessna

With 19 years of banking and mortgage experience, I provide litigation support and specialized research in all real estate matters involving mortgage disputes. My training and background is in banking law, state and federal compliance and fraud detection with concentrations in Veterans Administration lending and other specialty programs. I also use my skills, experience and resources to help educate mortgage consumers about their options in a distressed market. My in-depth experience in counseling consumers about finance through the years allows me to help navigate through the important details involved in modification, foreclosure, short sale and negative equity. I speak about critical issues in distressed real estate and the banking crisis at professional and consumer seminars. I provide comprehensive training to professionals and consumers on general topics or tailored to specific business needs. I also specialize in managing equity as an active Realtor in Florida. I research and study market trends and challenges through the day to day activities of Realtor transactions. View all posts by Diana Cessna

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